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Privacy Policy

This is the web site of New Mexico Shed Company

We can be reached via e-mail at or you can reach us by telephone at (505) 750-7125

For each visitor to our Web page, our Web server automatically recognizes no information regarding the domain or e-mail address.

We collect the e-mail addresses of those who communicate with us via e-mail, aggregate information on what pages consumers access or visit, user-specific information on what pages consumers access or visit, information volunteered by the consumer, such as survey information and/or site registrations.

The information we collect is used for internal review and is then discarded, used to improve the content of our Web page, used to notify consumers about updates to our Web site, used by us to contact consumers for marketing purposes and

With respect to cookies: We use cookies to record session information, such as items that consumers add to their shopping cart.

If you do not want to receive e-mail from us in the future, please let us know by sending us e-mail at the above address.

If you supply us with your postal address on-line you may receive periodic mailings from us with information on new products and services or upcoming events. If you do not wish to receive such mailings, please let us know by calling us at the number provided above.

Please provide us with your exact name and address. We will be sure your name is removed from the list we share with other organizations

Persons who supply us with their telephone numbers on-line may receive telephone contact from us with information regarding new products and services or upcoming events. If you do not wish to receive such telephone calls, please let us know by sending us e-mail at the above address.

Please provide us with your name and phone number. We will be sure your name is removed from the list we share with other organizations With respect to Ad Servers: We do not partner with or have special relationships with any ad server companies. From time to time, we may use customer information for new, unanticipated uses not previously disclosed in our privacy notice. If our information practices change at some time in the future we will post the policy changes to our Web site to notify you of these changes and we will use for these new purposes only data collected from the time of the policy change forward. If you are concerned about how your information is used, you should check back at our Web site periodically.

Customers may prevent their information from being used for purposes other than those for which it was originally collected by e-mailing us at the above address.

Upon request we provide site visitors with access to transaction information (e.g., dates on which customers made purchases, amounts and types of purchases) that we maintain about them, contact information (e.g., name, address, phone number) that we maintain about them.

Consumers can access this information by e-mail us at the above address.

Upon request we offer visitors the ability to have inaccuracies corrected in contact information, transaction information.

Consumers can have this information corrected by sending us e-mail at the above address.

With respect to security: When we transfer and receive certain types of sensitive information such as financial or health information, we redirect visitors to a secure server and will notify visitors through a pop-up screen on our site, We have appropriate security measures in place in our physical facilities to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of information that we have collected from you at our site.

If you feel that this site is not following its stated information policy, you may contact us at the above website address or phone number.

LIMITED WARRANTY Subject to limitations and exclusions below, NM SHED Co., warrants to the original purchaser (the “Buyer”) of each new NM Shed product (the “Product”) that each Product shall be free of structural defects for the period of time specified on product brochure (at the time of purchase). Also subject to these same limitations, NM SHED warrants to the Buyer that the metal on each new product shall be free from defects in material for the period specified by the shingle manufacturer. During the period of this Limited Warranty, NM SHED will remedy defects by repairing or replacing (at the discretion of NM SHED) the defective materials, in accordance with the stipulations and parameters of this warranty. All inquiries for conditions not covered under this Limited Warranty requiring a service call will be assessed a Home Service Charge per home visit in addition to the cost of the repair materials and labor. Notification: The Buyer must notify NM SHED directly of any claims under this Limited Warranty within seven (7) days following the discovery of the problem. Right to Inspect and Timing: NM SHED shall have a reasonable time after notification to inspect the Product. The Buyer shall provide NM SHED or its agents, contractors, or subcontractors with reasonable access to the location where the Product was installed for purposes of inspection. If requested by NM SHED, the Buyer must complete and deliver to NM SHED, at the Buyer’s expense, photographs of the product and area where the Product was installed. If reasonable access is denied or made subject to unreasonable conditions by the Buyer, or if the Buyer fails or refuses to reasonably cooperate in NM SHED investigation of the claim (such as failing to provide photographs and or written documentation of the claim), NM SHED obligation under this Limited Warranty shall immediately terminate. If NM SHED determines there are defects covered by this Limited Warranty, NM SHED will have up to ninety (90) days after receipt of notification to process the Buyer’s claim. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to perform a thorough inspection of all structures and report any concerns regarding quality or workmanship to Home Installation Professionals within 7 days of the installation date. Issues regarding quality or workmanship reported beyond 7 days of installation will be processed as Warranty Claims and determination of coverage will be made based on the terms of this warranty. Exclusions From Coverage: In addition to the exclusions noted elsewhere herein, this Limited Warranty does not extend to, nor shall NM SHED be liable under any circumstances for: (a) any issue derived from the natural tendencies or characteristics of wood including, knots, splits, warps, shrinking, swelling, discoloration, mold or mildew; (b) wall siding, trim, windows, screens, doors, hinges, latches, or other hardware; (c) any defects caused or aggravated by or resulting from fire, flood, wind or wind gusts leading to shingle blow-off or other damage, natural disasters, pests, misuse, excessive use, overloading, natural deterioration, rot, or neglect; vandalism or theft (d) repairs or damages to property stored in or around the Product or damage to any building, either exterior or interior, or any property contained therein, or damages to property of any kind whatsoever; (e) personal injuries or death; (f) defects caused by or aggravated by or resulting from improper installation or assembly except where the installation or assembly has been performed by NM SHEDS or its authorized representatives; (g) any damage or adjustments needed or resulting from the natural settling or shifting of the structure on its blocks or foundation or otherwise attributable to subsurface conditions; and (h) defects caused or aggravated by or resulting from any repair, modification, alteration or adjustment not performed by NM SHED or its authorized representatives. The repair or replacement of any defect shall not create a new period of warranty or extend the original warranty period. This Limited Warranty shall not apply to any defect resulting from the failure of the purchaser to follow the recommendations for care and maintenance as set forth in the documentation received from the company or available for your review on the company website. This documentation mandates that all products requiring paint or stain must be properly prepared and treated within 60 days from the delivery date and repeated in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the stain/paint manufacturer. Discoloration is normal and will be visible on all surfaces that require painting or staining the longer the products sit unfinished.

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